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Timeless Products With A Fine Regard For Detail.

We, Will Fulfil All Of Your Fasteners & Brass Components Needs.


Welcome to Invayear

Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. That’s because our products are built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards.

World-Class Standards

At INVAYEAR, quality is our mission. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. Our customers love working with us because we produce high-quality products with an exceptionally fast turnaround. 


We have a large and well-equipped manufacturing unit that uses improved technology and machinery to produce highly customized products. We have a separate research unit that is responsible for developing powerful new concepts as well as revising existing products and services.


80% of production is currently going to partners in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway.



Brass Precision Components

We are a manufacturer and exporter of Brass Precision Components and Precision Parts. Our components are highly sought after in the market due to their superior dimensional accuracy, sturdiness, durability, and corrosion resistance. All of these precision components are made of high-quality materials and have extremely precise dimensions. We can also create custom precision components to meet the needs and specifications of our customers.

Invayear always offers our customers worldwide quality approved precision parts. We ensure that our brass precision components are rigorously tested before final delivery to clients. They are available in a variety of quality grades to meet the needs of customers.

CNC Turning And Milling


CNC turning is the process of rotating a tool to cut a workpiece. CNC turning parts are rotated rather than the tool. Manufacturing of turning parts is the most basic and common type of cutting. CNC turning services can be used to machine-rotating surfaces. Most precision turning parts with rotating surfaces, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, end faces, grooves, threads, and rotating forming surfaces, can be produced using turning methods. The majority of the tools used are turning tools. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and steel are all possible materials.


Milled parts are not always cylindrical. Milling machines use multi-point cutting tools, and more than one tool can be working on the piece at the same time. Milling may be the best option if the part requires anything that is off-center or angled (such as holes or cuts), or if secondary features such as indentations or grooves are required.



Fasteners DIN & ISO Standards

We endeavor to produce and offer a comprehensive selection of standard and non-standard fasteners and precision components for our customers as a leading custom fasteners & brass parts manufacturer. We can go from personalized security screws to customized bar fasteners. Our current product line comprises nuts, bolts, screws, pins, washers, and threaded bars, all of which are built to order and fitted to your exact specifications.Simply tell us what you require, and as one of the best fastener companies in Europe, we will design a custom fastener or component parts to fit your requirements.

Precision Brass Components Product Range

We are a prime source of brass Electrical components in the market as a prominent manufacturer, exporter, supplier, we have been rendering unmatched quality as well as bulk quantity together at competitive prices.

  • We are manufacturing Brass CNC-turned components with the highest quality controls. We offer the best industrial standards. All products are manufactured with the latest technology used. include CNC VMC TMC HMC. The manufacturing of precision turned components comprised of a wide range of materials. We use high-quality materials Brass, Copper, Aluminum, and more. ​

  • Request a free quote for industrial wholesale orders and get the best competitive price.

We Are Professionals In

  • Precision Component for Automobile

  • Precision Component for Electrical

  • Precision Component for Tele Communication

  • Precision Component for Instrumentation

  • Precision Component for Moulding Industries

  • Precision Component for Sensor Industries

  • Precision Component for Plastics & Rubber Molding

  • Precision Component for Hydraulics & Pneumatics

  • Precision Component for Appliances

  • Precision Component for Industrial Assembly

  • Precision Component for Water Pump

  • Precision Component for Energy

  • Precision Component for Construction

  • Precision Component for Machinery

  • Precision Component for Textiles

  • Precision Component for Medical

  • Precision Component for Power Transmission

  • Precision Component for Gas & Oil

  • Precision Component for Valve Assembly

Fasteners Product Range

​European fasteners are made from either standard or customized materials. We manufacture all types of fasteners that are commonly used in European countries. Our Engineers design and develop European Fasteners based on Customer Specifications and Critical Dimensions. European fasteners are manufactured through a series of operations and inspections. All processes improve the product's quality, performance, and life-cycle. Here you will find various types of European fasteners with various standards, such as American Standard fasteners, Middle East Standard fasteners, Australian Standard fasteners, German Standard fasteners, European Standard fasteners, and other International Standard fasteners.

Applicable Industrial Sector

  • Automotive Industry Fasteners 

  • Aerospace Industry Fasteners

  • Building & Construction Fasteners

  • Furniture Industry Fasteners

  • Industrial Machinery Fasteners

  • Motors and Pumps Fasteners 

  • Marine Industry Fasteners 

  • Security Fasteners

  • Defence and Military Industry Fasteners

  • Telecommunication Industry 

  • Oil and Gas Industry Fasteners 

  • Railway Fasteners 

Industrial Drill