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Precision Brass Components

  • We are manufacturing Brass CNC-turned components with the highest quality controls. We offer the best industrial standards. All products are manufactured with the latest technology used. include CNC VMC TMC HMC. The manufacturing of precision turned components comprised of a wide range of materials. We use high-quality materials Brass, Copper, Aluminum, and more. ​

Brass CNC Turned Parts

Brass CNC Turned Parts_edited_edited.png
Brass Threaded Inserts_edited.png

Brass Threaded Inserts

Brass Hexagonal Nut_edited.png

Brass Hexagonal Nut

Brass Flare Fittings_edited.png

Brass Flare Fitting

Brass Compression Fittings_edited.png

Brass Compression Fitting

Brass Hose Nipple_edited.png

Brass Hose Nipple

Brass Refrigeration Access Valve_edited.png

Brass Refrigeration Access Valve

Brass Refrigeration Adaptor_edited.png

Brass Refrigeration Adaptor

Split Lock Valve_edited.png

Split Lock Valve

SPLIT AC VALVE_edited.png

Split AC Valve

Brass Pipe Fitting_edited.png

Brass Pipe Fitting

Brass Neutral Links_edited.png

Brass Neutral Links

Brass Brake Line Fitting_edited.png

Brass Brake Line Fitting

Brass Flanges_edited.png

 Brass Flanges

Brass Flare Nut_edited.png

Brass Flare Nut

Brass Terminal Blocks_edited.png

Brass Terminal Blocks

Brass Ball Valve_edited.png

Brass Ball Valve

Brass Swing Check Valve_edited.png

Brass Swing Check Valve

Brass PVC Fitting_edited.png

Brass PVC Fitting

Brass Spacers_edited.png

Brass Spacers

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